5 Reasons Why Flameless Candles are Better

Evelyn Wan
September 24, 2020
A seemingly innocuous traditional wax candle is often a far more precarious commodity than it lets on...

Whether you’re looking forward to wind down after a long day, planning a hyper-focused work session, or simply excited to elevate your space to one of utter tranquility, there's nothing quite like the soft flicker of candlelight that can utterly revamp your ambiance.

However, the latent dangers and detriments of a seemingly innocuous traditional wax candle is often a far more precarious commodity than it lets on. For a new twist on the timeless classic beauty of ambience-making, opt for flameless candles over their more traditional counterparts. Not only a first-rate mood setter, flameless candles are a wallet-friendly, eco-friendly, and significantly safer alternative. Curl up in a leather armchair with your favorite book in hand, and immerse yourself in a world beyond, while soaking in the soft glow of a flameless candle that is completely hassle-free. If you're ready to leave messy wax drips and fire worries behind, check out 5 reasons why flameless candles can be your next best friend!

Safety First

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, candles cause over 15,600 house fires, 150 deaths, 1,270 injuries, and $471 million in direct property damages each year. A simple slip up and your furniture, mattress, bedding, or curtain, could very well be the makeshift tinder fueling the roaring campfire in your bedroom. Opt for the warm glow of a safe flameless candle that is perfect for family-friendly spaces, and 100% worry-free. Elegant and safe, flameless candles offer the classic ambience of candlelight without the hazardous open flame, so you can enjoy the same decorative illumination without having to deal with irritating smoke, potential fire hazards, and health risks.

Brighter for Longer

With a flameless candle, you’re guaranteed the same cozy glow of a traditional candle, only without the hassle. Whereas the average traditional wax candle flames out within 14-18 hours, LED-packed flameless candles can last more than double that lifespan!  Context’s flameless candle set only requires a minimal 30 minute charge for a whopping 30 hours of light. Use it as a nightlight to cast a sheen of enchantment as you drift off to dreamland, or as a decorative centerpiece for a festive Christmas season--all without the worries traditionally associated with a flammable, messy, short-lived flame. Not to mention, these worry-free candles are an easy, chic way to dress up a console or a nightstand display without having to go through the hassle of cleaning up dripping wax, and going through the motions of relighting and extinguishing a traditional flame.

It’s All About Versatility

Nothing says romance quite like the soft flicker of candlelight against the dark backdrop of a dreamy night sky, but how do you combat the capricious nature of mother nature with just the faint flare of a single flame? Balance traditional ambiance with modern convenience with the portable, versatile, and fully weather-resistant design of a flameless candle that’s perfect for any outdoor occasion. Take full advantage of the fall season with an autumn themed picnic, or lounge outdoors for a fresh, crisp patio dining experience--all while surrounded with the soft flicker of candlelight. For meals held al fresco, enhance your outdoor experience under a stellar sky of stars, accompanied with the enchanting glow of a flameless candle that won’t succumb to the intensity of a bold breeze.

Go Green!

For an eco-friendly alternative, take charge of your own environmental footprint and snag your own flameless candle today! Traditional single-use candles are one of the worst environmental offenders as they produce a staggering amount of landfilled waste that ultimately end up sitting in dump sites unable to be broken down. In contrast, flameless candles are designed for reuse. Context Candles are made with quality materials designed to last forever to help you eliminate excessive waste, eliminate indoor air pollution, all-the-while provide a stunningly realistic flicker. Lower your candle consumption today, by bringing sustainability to the table and choosing to go flameless!


From an economic standpoint, flameless candles top the market. According to The Amazing Flameless Candle, assuming a 48-table restaurant were to operate a seven-hour/seven-day dinner shift, over the course of one year, tea lights would cost a whopping $2,943, votives would cost $3,433, fuel cells would cost $2,657, and flameless candles would only cost $1,300. Get the best bang for your buck by choosing to go flameless, so you can do more...for less! Check out Context’s personalized Candle Cost Calculator to do the math yourself, and see how much you can save!