Five Star Food, Five Star Mood

Olivia Pierangelino
September 24, 2020
Top 5 Restaurants in LA offering the best of both worlds.

In our opinion, a restaurant is only as good as the food— but what do most judge prior to their heavenly feasts? Looks. Well, delve no further, discovering a place where both design and food are at the forefront was just made simpler. Here you will find our top LA-based restaurants serving both vibes & delicacies on a platter.



If exceptional dining & celebrity sightings aren’t on your list of expectations for dinner out, go ahead and skip this one. The first of the Wolfgang Puck dynasty, this flagship is notorious for their off-menu wiener schnitzel & smoked salmon pizza. Having been established in the ’80s, this old-timer was renovated in 2012 and transformed into a simpler, sleeker version of itself. As far as seating, if you can reserve a spot on the enclosed patio- do it. (That’s where you’ll find us, at least). Also, make sure you take a peek at the bar and grab a cocktail, you just might feel like a million bucks. We know the $$$$ signs can be daunting, but don’t fret. Just bookmark this one for a special occasion.



This one, we would advise wearing your loosest fitting pair of pants to prepare for the amount of pasta and bread you will be intaking. From cacio e pepe to their famous sfincione focaccia, plan to indulge yourself into a carb coma. As though the food wasn’t enough, this local Venice spot is quaint and homey, almost as if you’re at grandma’s house in Italy. The pops of green and blue from work from Los Angeles Artists create a calming ambiance that is still fun and inviting. But the best part? The temperature-controlled room that prepares most of the mouthwatering cuisine soon to hit your taste buds. Grab your family, friends, and colleagues, because this is the perfect dining experience the whole gang will enjoy.  

Jon & Vinny's

Fairfax district

When it comes to Italian food the more cheese the better, and this place just happens to be a cheesetopia. From the burrata & ricotta to the parmesan & pecorino, the cheese gods have blessed us. Introducing the epic ‘Jon & Vinny’s’, a restaurant that every person in LA has either talked, texted, or thought about. From first glance, the casual modern interior might make you think this is a Japanese sushi spot, but it's solely just exemplifying the same aesthetic as their food- simple. So, order that fresh batch of meatballs with a glass of wine (or two) and sit back, relax, and buon appetito!


La Brea

This is a restaurant with communal tables that you are actually willing to go to, as a matter of fact, wait in line for. The beautiful architectural structure built in 1928 was previously the notable restaurant Campanile, and recently remodeled in 2012 to become the eatery it is today. From pastry, bread, and delicacies- to breakfast, lunch, and dinner- one might just stay here all day. Order a charcuterie board for the table, wood-oven Brussel sprouts with bacon, or Escargots en Croute and get ready to treat yourself in some true French cuisine.

Marco Polo


We’re not sorry for introducing yet another Italian restaurant to you, but we promise, this one is not like the others. It is not only an eatery with delectable cookery, it also serves as both a pool and a hotel. Designed by creative Fabricius It’s like a trip to palm springs except you don’t have to worry about sitting in a car for two hours or managing 100-degree temperatures. As far as the food, this coastal Italian fare certainly does not disappoint. Whether you’re looking to devour a whole salt-roasted branzino or just enjoy a spritzer on the pool deck, this hot spot will check off all your needs and desires.