5 Ways to Revamp Your Home

Olivia Pierangelino
September 24, 2020
 Lighting is an essential aspect for setting the mood, and can range from adding a candle to your bedside table to making the most of natural light.

Space feeling dull, funky, or claustrophobic? Here are some tips on how to curate an ambience you will always want to come home to.


Amplifying your space can be as easy as how you choose to illuminate it.  Lighting is an essential aspect for setting the mood, and can range from adding a candle to your bedside table to making the most of natural light.  The steps are simple: First establish what space you want to highlight, maybe your bedroom or a cozy place to read. Then, choose the type of light-bulb that will establish the desired ambiance. Whether it be a warming, soft yellow or an energy-saving LED, find a bold fixture that complements your bulb, and together they will make a radiant pair! However, if the sun is your lighting of choice, perhaps mix things up and add some tinted curtains to transcend a warming and comforting hue.


Why let those hidden corners go dusty and dark? Instead, tell a story with those empty spaces. Whether it be a piece of art you acquire while abroad or one of your favorite books, adorning a space with all your beloved nic-nacs is sure to make you feel at home. Make your nook unique and let it serve as a reminder every time you pass by that nothing can always transform into something. However, if a corner filled with memories isn't what you're looking for, then discover a new space that deserves some attention. Corners, tabletops, shelves - get creative!  Add a few candles, incorporate that brand you love, and add some fresh flowers. Now you have a photogenic, personalized area that's ready for the camera!


Tired of staring at the same four walls? Try a new perspective, and instead see those walls as a blank canvas. Though walls may vary in color, height, and width, one thing they all have in common is their ability to hold things up. Whether it be a unique art piece, an antique mirror, or a simple bookshelf- walls are meant to carry some of the weight and be a reflection of your style. Whether you craft something using your own hands or find an artist that you admire, make it something worth looking at every day. Wall art not your cup of tea? Perhaps incorporate shelving units to lighten the load on your counter space; with walls, there are endless possibilities.


You would think organization means having less, but, in reality, you just need the right tools. “Marie-Kondoing” your apartment might sound like a great idea, but let's face it, most of us don't have the time or sheer will power to learn how to fold properly. So, we're here to make a complicated process, an easy one. Start by establishing the space you want to organize, then divide your items into categories in which you want to store them. Invest in aesthetically pleasing bins (we love or delve into some furniture that can also help duo as extra storage (and a tidy disguise). There you have it! Now those items that never had a home or didn't receive much love are put away safe and sound. When you need them next, they will be right where you left them.


A pop of color, a breath of fresh air, and something to take care-- we all need some greenery in our lives. Indoor plants have indeed become quite the home staple and a blooming trend that continues to grow. Some say they don't have the time or responsibility to spare, but that's no excuse to skip this decorative, and oxygenating, touch. Believe it or not, some plant species thrive off of neglect. One commonly known as a “Snake Plant” is perfect for new plant parents, since the survival rate is much higher and they prefer dry soil, our you could even go for a bouquet from our favorite Venice Florist. No matter the quantity, plants will always bring your house to life in more ways than one.