Why Your Restaurant Needs to Adopt Flameless Candles

Olivia Cheng
September 24, 2020
Context Candles creates a safer, healthier, and more sustainable world without the cost of taking away that feeling that brings people together.

Candles are a great example. People love using candles to set the mood for date nights, create an elegant, yet down-to-earth atmosphere in restaurants, and simulate a closer connection to their deities in prayer. Yet, for the sake of feeling,candle users are risking more than they realize.

Now, more than ever, the candle industry needs to rethink their means to a promise of ambiance. In the face of blazing fires, health exposures, the sustainability movement, and even business loss, you as customers need to push for safer methods of setting the tone.

A Fire Hazard

2020 marks the year of disaster for the 21st Century. Aside from the virus that continues to plague our world, Australia, America's West Coast, and several other hubs on our planet have have billowed up in flames. In Australia, bush fires over 28.32 million acres took a toll on almost 3 million animals (1). In California, dozens of wildfires swept the state, taking the cake for the largest fires of the last decade (2).

As climate change breeds longer dry and hot seasons, fires are increasingly easier to ignite and spread. The victims of these fires are many. Families, friends, animals, and, of course, our Mother Earth. And if someone can can start a roaring flame with a small firework spark(3), you can definitely start your own with a minor candle mishap.

Imagine this. You own a classy eatery. Elegant, victorian decorations run through your walls. Authentic furnishing, hand-carved wooden chairs and tables dance across your floor. On the tabletops, a soft white cloth drapes over, and a couple thin candles are lit to set the mood. A couple comes in and is seated. They eat, drink, laugh and bond. The candle is accidentally knocked over. The cloth catches on fire, the flames puff, eating the wood on the table and growing. A spark hops to the chairs the couples are sitting on. In the blink of an eye, your eatery burns.

The vision exaggerates, but plenty accidents can happen as a result of having open flames among dozens of moving bodies at once. Your customers' hair or nearby objects can easily light up, causing not only a scare, but bad business as well (4)(5).

So how can you provide a safe alternative to attractive atmospheres? This is one of many areas where flameless candles, such as Context's candles, will come in handy.

A Move Towards Sustainability

The Sustainability Movement has gained a lot of traction over the last decade and it's taking over the economy. Rather than boring you with global trend reports (7), it would be more convincing to just show how it's happening around you. How many grocery stores near your neighborhood have banned plastic bags? How many ads have you seen in the last month that try to persuade you to buy reusable water bottles, eat greener, and start recycling? How many businesses have you seen open up recently, selling more environmentally-friendly packaged goods, glass straws, or even solar panels?

It's no secret that in order to be a successful business in modern times, you will need to gain the trust and support of your customers. And what your customers are looking for now is how you are supporting the Green Movement. As leaders in politics, information technology, and even entertainment industries acknowledge the need to mitigate climate change, plastic use, and protecting biodiversity, consumers are learning to research their favorite hubs to confirm that they fit the narrative of helping the world.

Real flame candles not only bring chemicals that exacerbate your peers' health, but also the health of the Earth. By using flameless candles, you can align yourself with values that matter to the world right now.

Since the advent of electricity over 2600 years ago, people still occasionally go back to using real flames for lighting. Why? Humans are nostalgic creatures. They are able to appreciate the ambiance, emotions, and memories attached to nature, and in turn, overpower their awareness of objective danger.

Context Candles: The Perfect Flameless Solution

Context Candles steer clear of any real flames, so they will never contribute to being a fire nor health hazard in any situation. The LED, rechargeable, scentless candles are made with real wax, so they have no problem creating that alluring ambiance that you want with real candles. Their mission is to create a safer, healthier, and more sustainable world without the cost of taking away that feeling that brings people together.

Even if you don't like Context Candles, we hope you will consider switching to flameless candles for your establishment. Not only will it have all the benefits as real flame candles, it will also provide a clean way for you to save money. See how much you can save from switching here.

Yes, real flame candles can set the mood for any group of people. But with flameless candles, you can protect the Earth and your loved ones without sacrificing any of the good stuff that real flame candles bring.

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