EcO-friendly. Safe. Easy. Beautiful.

Premium Wax Rechargeable Candles

Context Candles bring instant ambiance to your restaurant, without recurring costs, hassle or waste.
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Why ContexT?

Good for your business.
Better for the world.

 $10k Avg. Savings per Year

Switching from fuel cells to flameless

20hr Longer battery life

than leading competitors

2.28 Tons of Waste Saved Per Year

in a typical restaurant switching from tea lights

Real WAx
Elevate your Atmosphere, Safely
Your space looks better with warm, flickering candlelight to your space
30 min charge
No Hassle.
Quick Set Up.
Context Candles only need to charge for 30 minutes, to get 30hrs of light. In other words, once a week.  
built for you
Charge and Store
in One Place
When buying in bulk, we include a complimentary charging rack for free to charge up to 100 candles at once

Competitive Price. Longest Burn. Best Look.

30+ hours of light on a single one hour charge. Our candle is the most cost effective solution. And it looks good.


Reusable. Natural.
Cost Effective.
Cost Per
Burn Time
24 hr


Single use.
Shorter life
Cost Per Unit
Burn Time
5 hr

Fuel Cells

Long burn.
More Waste.
Cost Per Unit
Burn Time
30 hr

Pillar Candles

Traditional feel.
Larger cost.
Cost Per Unit
Burn Time
36 hr

Wondering how much could you save switching to Context? 
See our calculator

Lighting to enhance shared spaces
Better for you, easy for staff, and beautiful for guests.
Essential lighting for every table without the mess
Every day ambiance that lasts for years
No-hassle, always on mood.
Waterproof, weatherproof, and never blows out.

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