Context does more than just save money and reduce your footprint

We've partnered with Little Sun in their mission to deliver affordable clean energy solutions and inspire climate action.
boy holding little sun light
Context Candles are designed for reuse and made with quality materials, helping you eliminate excessive waste.

For every set of candles purchased, together we provide a solar light to a family without access to electricity. One solar light allows a family to switch from a harmful dependency on kerosene, resulting in...
Saved by families
Extra hours of child study time
lbs of C02 emissions averted
    Little Sun, Big impact

    The Problem

    1B+ people have no access to electricity and resort to hazardous light alternatives

    At dusk, children can’t study, parents' working days end prematurely, and homes quickly become unsafe, all contributing to a terrible feedback loop of poverty.

    Currently, many use homemade kerosene lamps, which are a poor source of light. They emit toxic black smoke, eat up to 15% of a family’s income and are detremental to health.

    The Solution

    Little Sun provides safe, clean and affordable LED lamps to those without electricity

    Just one Little Sun ligh can transform the fortunes of an entire family. Giving off hours of light into the evening, families can earn, learn and feel safe after dark.

    Energy access improves health, education, gender equality, and environmental sustainability. Little Sun's mission aligns with the 2018 Sustainable Development Goals report by United Nations.