EcO-friendly. Safe. Luxurious.

Let Love Glow.

Create effortless ambiance without the risk, with
Context Candles.
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Supplying vendors, venues, and wedding planners, worldwide.

Why ContexT?

Flameless candles that are fully paid off after only three events.

 Est. $17k avg profit per year

Based on estimates of 30 events per year

2year life span per candle

with average use of approx 30 events per year

30hours of light per charge

with a one -hour charge required

Real WAx
Safety, guaranteed
Embrace rowdy ring bearers, partying patrons and general clumsiness by removing the flame and reducing risk.
30 min charge
Recharge while you do
With only 30-minutes to full charge and 30-hours of light, our candles can outlast even the liveliest celebration.
built for you
Shake it off - and on
Save critical preparation time with our easy shake-on, shake-off switch.

Long lasting light for long lasting love

Get more burn for your buck with 30+ hours of light on a single one hour charge.


Reusable. Natural.
Cost Effective.
Cost Per
Burn Time
30 hr


Single use.
Shorter life
Cost Per Unit
Burn Time
5 hr

Fuel Cells

Long burn.
More Waste.
Cost Per Unit
Burn Time
30 hr

Pillar Candles

Traditional feel.
Larger cost.
Cost Per Unit
Burn Time
36 hr

For more than just weddings

Lighting to enhance shared spaces
Better for you, easy for staff, and beautiful for guests.
Essential lighting for every table without the mess
Every day ambiance that lasts for years
No-hassle, always on mood.
Waterproof, weatherproof, and never blows out.

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