Lighting for Living

Long lasting light. Effortless ambiance.
Rechargeable wax candles without the flame.

Long lasting light. Effortless ambiance. Real wax candles, without the flame.

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For Home & Hospitality

Make your space more beautiful.

Belongs at every table.

The most realistic flameless candles.

Perfectly minimal, our unique real-wax design adds gentle illumination without distraction

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No hassle. Always safe.

Light that lasts weeks on one charge.

People notice what lights your space. Fill the room with candlelight without the risk, and host with peace of mind

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Better light makes for better life. Our mission is to make your space more beautiful, wherever you are.

Our Story
Roaring Fork, Austin
CArbon beach Club, Malibu
Ozumo Restaraunt, SF

Lighting the best restaurants, bars, and hospitality.

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Lighting to Live By

Striking the right balance between decoration and functionality, we have expertly altered our candles to enhance any environment. Feels natural, works like magic, and lasts.

Its polished surface reflecting the characteristics and the colours of its surroundings

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