Premium hand-poured wax that lasts for years

Real wax rechargeable flameless candles that breathe life into your home

Long lasting light. Effortless ambiance. Real wax candles, without the flame.

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Minimal design fits into every space
Sets the mood with peace of mind
Flickering light that last weeks
Your home is a living extension of you

Light to reconnect with yourself and your space

For those who practice the art of living

Atmosphere to color home's daily moments.

Perfectly minimal, our unique real-wax design adds gentle illumination without distraction

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No flame. No danger.

Light that lasts weeks on one charge.

Charge for 30 minutes for a full day of light. Weather proof, so you can create a space anywhere.

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What customers are saying

"Context changed the way my home looks. One charge can light my tables and bookshelves for weeks at a time, and gives the perfect mood to wind down"

Jamie Haberman
New York, NY

Better for you, better for the world

Avoid the risk of fire

With Context real wax flameless candles, You can add a gentle flicker to any corner of your home - whether it be outside or inside, by curtains or drapes, or by your bedside overnight - without worrying about a flame.

Keep your air clean

The flame of traditional candles and burning of wax are known to release pollutants, so if a clean home is top of mind,  it's best to avoid using them altogether. Context helps illuminate your space while keeping the air (and your head) clear.

Elimate single-use

Built for reuse, Context  helps you eliminate the excessive waste of traditional candles. If candles are part of your everyday routine, the impact adds up quick - a flameless candles help us all be a little more sustainable, while looking great.

Better light makes for a better you, in any context

Why Context?

Transform your home with purposeful lighting to reflect, envision, and imagine...

Picture this: you’re just getting home from a long day, wondering where the time went. You know your home is much more than just a place, it’s a feeling. But these days, as your home feels like a place of work, chores, and devices…

You realize that you are home physically but are yet to arrive emotionally. You crave personal space, where you can take a deep breath and renew, and find yourself. We craft lighting to answer to this fundamental human need - to create the moments to make your space yours, allowing you to see your life in a new light. Why? Atmosphere is everything - and that when we take care of it, it takes care of us.

So sit down, take a deep breath, and renew.

 Transform your home with purposeful lighting to reflect, envision, and imagine

Good for you. Better for the world.

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Elevate your atmosphere

Create an environment that your guests want to return to. As the centerpiece of every table, your candles set the mood.

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A single tea light is cheap. One at every table every day is expensive. Context flameless candles save hundreds a week.

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Be green

Save 35 tons of wax in a 48 table venue by switching to Context. That's enough wax to fill a swimming pool.

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Better light makes for better life.

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Celebrate the art of living

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Lighting to Live By

Striking the right balance between decoration and functionality, we have expertly altered our candles to enhance any environment. Feels natural, works like magic, and lasts.

Its polished surface reflecting the characteristics and the colours of its surroundings

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